Entrepreneurial mindset

Casual reasoning Effectual reasoning
Expected return Affordable loss
Competitive analysis Strategic partnerships
Prediction Contingencies

Instead of market analysis they just start selling and see what works.

Since there is no predetermened market, it's hard to do a competitive analysis.

Build partnerships from start. Make customers into partners.

Start diong it and then aim and find a target.

People put their money where their aspirations are.

Not all surprises are bad surprises!

Finding and leading the right people is the key to creating an enduring venture.

Two versions of cooking. Do you start with what ingredients you have in the kitchen or with a menu and recepie? When you stumble into the kitchen you more often end up with a new dish.

Affordable loss. Keeps loss small enough. Would I do this even if I would loose what I'm investing in it?

They know what they don't know and collect other people that do. Stakeholders are allowed to change the goal if they are putting skin in the game.

Miljön är inget hinder utan en möjlighet för nya innovationer och marknader.


  1. Act.
  2. Do it again.

Act Be action oriented Do the doable and push it.

Do it again How to deal with failure. Keeping your failures small and smart. Do things with a smaller footprint so you will fail sooner and therefore cheaper.

Entrepeneurial worldview The future comes from what you and I do. What we do matters. It is not the only thing that matters, but it does matter. What I do will make a difference to the odds of sucess.

Work with

Don't think about profit. Would I do this even if I would loose it?

Work with people. Don't sell your idea. Get others to change your idea.

Entrepeneurial teaching

  1. Do something
  2. What can you do next?
  3. Do it

Recession is an opportunity Demands comes from needs.

Entrepeneurial pitfalls

Taste of leadership


Creative process