Entrepreneurial team

What is an entrepreneurial team?

An entrepeneurial team is according to Bundel and Lockett a group that takes active part in the founding of a startup venture. This participation can be both through financing the venture or through personal commitment and work.

Entrepeneurial team

How could you and your venture take advantage of an entrepreneurial team?

Building a perfect team is extremely hard as it involves finding people with exactly the right skills, knowledge, experience, values, vision and motivation. Therefore some of theese parameters needs to be emphasizes and de emphasized in search of team members. Blundel and Lockett therefore calls building an entrepeneurial team an art.

Effective teams needs to be flexible enough to fill a number of roles.

Needs different roles.

What is an entrepreneurial network?

Entrepeneurial network: Patterns of connections which provide a context for the entrepeneurial activity. Can include following:

How could you and your venture build a strong entrepreneurial network?

Personal networks play an important role.

Networking activity: